The Window

Do you miss The Window?

The untouched,  innocent, free window.

The one not smothered by a mosquito mesh, the one not imprisoned behind metal bars, the one not suffocated by a sealed glass pane?

Especially the one with a broad enough sill on which you can curl up wall to wall? A book resting on your knees? And a cup of tea snuggling against your toes?

A window a healthy distance away from the ground, standing on its toes trying to catch a fly-by lazy low cloud? So that you sometimes want to dangle your legs over the ‘other side’ – until you feel scared enough that a wayward sneeze might shake you up and send you on a trip with gravity?

When the sky strips off its starry blue pyjamas, quickly pulls on some sexy purple, orange and red underwear before slipping into a boring white or blue office shirt?

When the sun blushes from all the attention she gets from the flirtatious birds hooting at her, showing off their flying tricks to impress her?

When you want to watch little people scurry past? And feel smugly amused about the meaninglessness of their hurried lives?

When it feels “rainy”? When rain plays darts on road-side puddles?

When you so want the ‘outside’? Without walls – forgetting the walls around you?

A window long and wide – to keep you hooked to your dreams, to keep you whistling to the wind – for minutes making hours?

The Window – Sigh, I’m so craving one right now.

8 thoughts on “The Window

  1. I love windows. Especially those that look out at a beautiful view. Especially the kind you mention here in this post. I miss such windows, too. Craving for one such right now, too. 🙂

    The more we are looking for a suitable house for my parents, the more depressed I am getting, for this very reason. All modern houses seem to have every conceivable facility – from snooker to billiards to cricket to swimming pools and party halls, but have no balconies – or balconies and windows that have absolutely no view, that look at a wall 5 feet away or into someone else’s bathroom or kitchen. 😦 I was actually thinking of doing a post about this…

    I think I need good balconies and windows to survive and, thankfully, so does the OH. We seem to be part of a dying breed, however. 😦

    • Need balconies & windows to survive? You too?? [over-excited] I thought it was just me! 😀
      Here in Delhi, most residential complexes have that ugly metal mesh on the windows. Or look into others’ homes or the drainage pipes! The only good windows & balconies are in office buildings – I come to lab during the night mostly for the window & balcony. Wondering if I can live in the department building forever. 😉

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