The Nomad Moves – Out, Away and On

There are 65 drafts in my Dashboard.

Words unwritten, thoughts incomplete, keys  untyped, blanks unfilled.

Blanks never to be filled.

Never mind.. Doesn’t matter anymore.

For I realize.. am realizing.. since this morning..

That this blog – born of impulse, has to die of impulse.

For I realize.. am realizing.. since the past week..

That this blog – created for no purpose, has served its purpose.

Conjecture Girl was born for want of anonymity.

She crawled around, picking words off the floor & putting them into her mouth in a flash.

She tottered around, holding on to walls of thoughts for support & flailing arms, grabbing ideas in the air.

She babbled, gurgled, found indulgent listeners, and chattered on, and on, and on.

She got  too busy growing up to be a Woman..

That she did not realize that her life’s mission had been realized.

She had gotten me to  taste my love for words.

She had gotten me to feel the flow of thoughts.

She had painted in front of my eyes, chaotically-expanding horizons.

She had slipped into me – the seed of love for thinking through words.

She had goaded me into growth – slyly fed me a bitter pill.

Her job done..

The nomad in her wants to move out..

The recluse in her wants to move away..

She and I – we want to move on..

May be to meet at times far off.. at places far off..

May be for good.

For now.. we part as friends, with the fondest of memories.

But before that, we get together one last time..

To thank you all – our precious, indulgent lovely readers..

To say good-bye – to the strange friendships we made with some of you..

To wish you all the most vibrant of luck – for we might never meet you again..

And smile one last time – at each other, at you.

One last hug.

Thanking you all,

Sincerely yours,

Moving Out, Away and On..

The Conjecture Girl



P.S : Leaving this unedited – lest, I change my mind. Please do excuse gaps in the thought & mistakes in the writing. One last bit of torture from me. 😀


2 thoughts on “The Nomad Moves – Out, Away and On

  1. I’ve enjoyed walking with Conjecture girl. I’ve agreed, disagreed, argued, nitpicked, supported. I like conjecture girl. I care about conjecture girl — and about you.

    I’m certain we’ll meet again. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I’ve learnt a lot from you.

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