Why Pretentious? What Profound?

The long over-due explanation for the latest streak of self-indulgent madness on this blog :

Just like Word Muses, thoughts can be muses.

Sometimes a thought gate-crashes into my head, screams, sings and laughs aloud, and makes quite a nuisance of itself. A thought may have had real-life walking talking triggers, or it might be a love-child of something I am reading and something I have been obsessing upon. A thought might simply want to vent, or want to go out, mingle and breed. But all these thoughts are unabashed attention-seekers.

The only way to get one such thought-muse to behave is to indulge it with some blog-post attention. And that is what I do in this lazy, sometimes silly, sometimes serious series of posts.

Plus, calling these posts ‘profound’ makes it easy for me : your not understanding them doesn’t make me a bad writer – it makes you a bad thinker. Yes, I am going to be THAT pretentious! B-) }:-)

So, that explains the ancestry of the Pretentiously Profound posts, and absolves them of the ignominy of being bastard urchins. [dusts off palms]


One thought on “Why Pretentious? What Profound?

  1. As the saying goes (or does it), “Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll do whatever I deem fit with it” Keep posting…

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