Feminism goes to Darwin

My best friend, after all these years, asked me startled – “Since when did you start reading feminist lit? Are you becoming a feminist now?”.
When I said “I am not becoming one.. I am one”, pat came the response “You are? Really?“.

A few months back, I would not have cared to ask why he reacted that way, what he thought was the problem with feminism. I’d have simply told myself “I have no NEED to explain myself or my beliefs. It is the others’ headache to find out and understand”. But I have realized that isn’t optimal. People are exposed to different ideas, people develop different beliefs. Explaining my stand to them in a logical way can’t take much of my time.. It might just make them see my view of it.. Or lead to a healthy discussion and give me some insights. So here goes.. All those skeptics out there, who happen to read this accidentally, this is a formal invitation to “come, attack!”.

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