When nobody is around seeking my ears’ attention,

I hear the birds, I hear the rain, I hear distant laughter.

When nobody is around whose face I have to politely look at,

I see people..

Two, five, dozens, scores, hundreds of them..

Being themselves.

When nobody is around waiting for me to utter words,

I speak beautiful thoughts, surprising myself – within my mind.

When nobody is around to see me smile,

I smile wider, happier, truer.

And then I laugh.

At people who chide me for shunning the social spider-web.

At people who want to give the poor girl company.

For they probably haven’t reaped insights from relaxed observation.

For they probably haven’t indulged in relaxed introspection.

For they probably haven’t felt themselves grow – over just 15 minutes.

For they probably don’t know..

I am never really alone.

My thoughts & solitude keep me good company. Thank you.

And they make me smile – a smile that lingers through the day.

A smile that is my only polite response to the many..

Who extend unwelcome ‘reassurances’ of  “You are not alone, we are all there!”.

A smile that preps me up to face assaults – by social animals.

A smile that is fully mine..

and mine alone.


8 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. hmmm SMILING is good .. smile and the world smiles with you …

    end of the day I do think that we have become so busy in our own life’s that we all think we are alone but if we open our eyes then I am sure there is someone somewhere thinking about you 🙂

    • That’s true. But I’d put it the other way. We have become so busy in our life that we don’t have time to just be alone. It is only emotional loneliness that is sad. Solitude can be a very happy experience.

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