Even a …

Even a child would know that.

Even a street cleaner is treated respectfully.

Even a beggar has better peace of mind.

Even a murderer has the right to live.

 Even a prostitute does not “ask for it”.


If only..

If only each one of us spent time to stop and think..

To see the hues of prejudice that color our own words..

For even a minute.


Little Mysteries in Life #1

A girl whistles. A song. In tune. Quite well.


Now, why does at least one guy around have to wait a while (timer for 5 minutes?) and casually – repeat : casually; emphasis on : casually – whistle a “tune”?

Almost always sounding like a pressure cooker in distress!

I just don’t get it!


Grow up silent – so she did for most of her life,

Offering just a slight smile as compensation.

For she knew one thing to be true..

Express whatever you may,

Express however you may ,

All of them out there – the audience..

They were sometimes not interested,

They were sometimes baffled – in non-comprehension,

They understood it not as she wanted it understood,

They interpreted it exactly how they wanted to interpret it.

There was no point in expressing.

The world functions just fine without her expression.

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When nobody is around seeking my ears’ attention,

I hear the birds, I hear the rain, I hear distant laughter.

When nobody is around whose face I have to politely look at,

I see people..

Two, five, dozens, scores, hundreds of them..

Being themselves.

When nobody is around waiting for me to utter words,

I speak beautiful thoughts, surprising myself – within my mind.

When nobody is around to see me smile,

I smile wider, happier, truer.

And then I laugh.

At people who chide me for shunning the social spider-web.

At people who want to give the poor girl company.

For they probably haven’t reaped insights from relaxed observation.

For they probably haven’t indulged in relaxed introspection.

For they probably haven’t felt themselves grow – over just 15 minutes.

For they probably don’t know..

I am never really alone.

My thoughts & solitude keep me good company. Thank you.

And they make me smile – a smile that lingers through the day.

A smile that is my only polite response to the many..

Who extend unwelcome ‘reassurances’ of  “You are not alone, we are all there!”.

A smile that preps me up to face assaults – by social animals.

A smile that is fully mine..

and mine alone.

Middle Ground

They entered the house after their morning walk – the three of them. She had taken a detour to the kitchen to fetch herself her mandatory cup CUP of green tea, leaving them to their argument. Only, what they called intellectual debate, she carelessly labelled childish bickering. It was the same topic every time – God. One believed passionately, the other disbelieved equally passionately – and they fought for the sash of “I am right!” just as passionately – every damned time.

“Refusal of God is plain arrogance”

“Belief in God is plain ignorance”

“Your science does not, can not explain everything in the cosmos”

“That doesn’t justify blind conjectural ideas. Give science time – it is merely an infant as yet.”

“Bah..  Take centuries, millenia, your science would still not answer all questions. God is the answer.”

“Why should all questions be answered or even have an answer?”

“Hah.. look at the scientist who loves questions quickly pushing an inconvenient few under the carpet!”

“Na.. we offer a humble ‘I don’t know.. yet’. Not quote faith to kill difficult questions at birth.”

“Humankind would be miserable without faith my boy. Faith keeps man sane”

“Give me fact over faith anytime… bwoy.

“Your belief that your facts are facts is in itself mere faith dear.”

“Facts are facts until disproved – and unlike your faith, our facts are open to being disproved and/or amended. That –  is the point darrrrrrling!”

“Yayaya. . keep amending, stay confused. Your lives have no stability – no anchor”

They walked on to the terrace.

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