Bits and Pieces

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

I wish someone told me..
About these seemingly nondescript bits and pieces.

They seem to appear out of nowhere,
Unexpected by-products of some background process
Of your mind.

Bits light as a feather,
They pull out a sigh; along comes a slight smile.
Phoo.. You blow one away and watch it float,
It drags along a fat worry or frustration – away..
Off your chest.

Pieces too small to be really noticed,
Brushed away in a stroke,
They tend to pile up
Unnoticed, in a far off dark corner
Of your soul.

When late one night,
You get up from your work-desk,
Absently stretch your back,
Exhale a tired long sigh,
Incidentally notice the clutter in the corner,
And scrunch up your eyes to see..
Whoom! It morphs with a bang
Into your attitude – the open-minded ones,
Into your outlook towards life – the constructive ones,
Into your optimism – the unconditional ones,
Into every positive aspect
Of your psyche.

Dazed, you sit.
Pleased, you smile – wistfully.
And yet again, you sigh.
How you wish the pile was higher, wider, fuller!
How you wish you had given the background process a higher priority..
More processor time, more RAM, more power
A higher operating frequency, some more time to work
And kept its input stream full – forever.
Of thoughts and opinions and questions
Of observations and information
From reading, listening, watching, experiencing and sensing.
Yes, that would have led to a better throughput
Of realizations.

I wish someone told me that..
Life is much more than the adrenaline rush of racing – past and ahead,
Before I had sprinted cheerfully into the endless tunnel I called “real life”
To get too busy earning, ‘achieving’, ‘progressing’, ‘winning’ and ‘succeeding’.
Forgetting to light up the passage-ways of my mind enough..
Enough to see them floating by – those bits and pieces..
Of wisdom.

I wish someone told me all that..
And of the magic that is realization,
Before I had naively let go of my potential
For intellect, maturity and peace of mind..

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


11 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

    • Normal response : *blush blush* Thanks. 😀

      Nerd response : It amazes me too. Should look up psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics – how does the brain translate thought to words? why do different brains do it so differently? I should perhaps start off with some Steven Pinker.

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  2. +1..Liked the #sarcasm on# Isn’t it kinda both? #sarcasm off#..
    Lately, this ‘realization’ ghoul is been haunting me..driving me so crazy that my friends might declare me a ‘schizoprenia’ victim.. # no-clue smiley#

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