Conjecture girl is a girl who lives life inside her head.

She is a girl who thinks a lot – actually too much – about things that do not matter to most people.

She asks herself too many questions – usually sarcastic, possibly important, sometimes sensible, but always logical.

Update (July 2012) : Sarcasm seems to have taken a sabbatical from my system, though it does come visiting now and then.

She is a researcher by day night, and her brain is good at taking observations and trying to explain the why and how of the observations.

But, instead of using that brain for her research, she often uses it to question why people behave the way the do and comes up with either  these totally conjectural answers to these questions, or, after much analysis, a short and simple “I just don’t get it!”. Sometimes, hopefully very rarely,  she gives up and rants – akin to saying what is already known and calling it a survey paper or proposing a better way to do things like in a “A more efficient method to….” paper.

Since she feels that good(?) research, of whatever kind, should never remain unpublished, she shares her expert thoughts with the poor, naive, ignorant world through this blog.

For further context :

  • Conjecture girl is Indian.
  • She is in her mid-twenties and still a student.
  • She is single and loves being that.
  • She is an introvert bookworm.
  • She is an atheist, but not the militant kind.  Updated to : not the kind who waits to pounce on unsuspecting believers and try to rip them apart just to prove that they are fools to believe what they believe. She says, you believe what you want to believe – as long as you do not affect me or others or ask me to change what I believe!
  • She is a fierce feminist anti-sexist.
  • She insists that she should have full ownership of the mistakes in her life.
  • She is a firm believer of “Live, let live” and “To each, his/her own”.

Now, move on and read her ‘valuable’ opinions on her posts. Shoo!

For a kick-start, try these ones that I hold close to my heart.


33 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, well, aren’t you a smart cookie!

    I am too short on time right now to post any of my usual, long-winded comments, but I’ve been going through some of your posts and definitely enjoyed the experience.

    Fantastic blog. Will be back.

  2. I want to ask you a personal favour.

    Would you consider no longer refering to atheists who openly critique religion as “militant” ?

    When people talk of “militant muslims”, they tend to mean people who plot terror, killing dozens of innocents just to prove some idiotic religious point or other. When people talk of militant christians, they mean people who (for example) murder doctors who perform services they happen to disapprove of.

    “militant atheists”, on the other hand, are people who have tired of treating religions with gloves, and who does openly and directly critiques the evils of religion.

    But writing an angry blog-post, does not deserve to be put in the same category with blowing up a supermarket, og murdering a law-abiding doctor. I hope you agree.

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  4. I enjoyed reading your intro and it’s weird in a way because whatever few desi blogs I’ve read they are either too boring or trying too hard. Yours is just surprisingly refreshing – think i’m gonna hang around a little bit 🙂

  5. Read through few of your posts and I absolutely loved the analysis you do of the facts and observations 🙂
    Loved the header shot and your about page 😀
    Keep Writing !!

  6. My sister was the one who gave me your ‘link’ and she could be one of your followers I reckon.. A nice intro by the way and I happened to see that you do speak ‘Tamil’.Glad about that bcoz..No,never mind.. Jumping to your posts now and I might bet 100 to 1 that you are not just another wanna-be-feminist-rant-queen-from-Delhi..

    • Thanks and welcome to this space Dinesh. 🙂

      Just curious. I do want to be a feminist if I am not one already and I do rant. And yeah, I do snap at people who I think are being condescending to women.. So, what makes you think I may not be ‘wanna-be-feminist-rant-queen-from-Delhi’?

      • Thnx..It’s just not ranting alone.. at the end, there’s a point in your post.. (and yeah..I hear you saying.. “It has always been there”…) 😛

  7. And you literally went into my head and expressed what I live by…”to each his own”; although for a long time I didn’t know the correct phrase and always said, “each to his own” 😛

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