Word Muses

Words – just stand-alone words – are beautiful. Sometimes, one just gets into my head from somewhere, for no reason, and it becomes a muse.

A very short-lived one. And leaves me with nothing more than a fleeting thought in a volatile string of words urgently pulled and put together.

This section is going to be a simple headstone epitaph to those muses. And gravestone inscriptions these truly are – making not much sense to anyone but the writer, and given to vastly different interpretations.

Word Muse #1 –  சற்றே

Word Muse #2 – Stance

Word Muse #3 – சாய்ந்து

Word Muse #4 – नज़र

Word Muse #5 – பாவை

Word Muse #6 – அய்யனாரின் நிலைமை

Word Muse #7 – Far Off


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