The Journey of a Bond

It starts with a squealed “Tum bhi?”

And many more rushing on to you..

Happy milestones across the road,

In a giddy flight along the highway.

Dare turn away from the smooth sail..

Into a dusty lane of bumps and holes.

And another, and any other..

Past the bruises, beyond the aches.

Exploring, and getting lost..

Into each other’s flaws and fears.

The miles build up in comfortable silence..

An occasional “Tum bhi, na!” marking distance.

That journey never-ending..

Piling up labored miles, unnoticed..

From an excited “Tum bhi?” to many an exasperated “Tum bhi, na!”..

Of that scarily special bond, well worn in – a friendship in adulthood.


Hey Mister, why do you like me Naive?

Hello my charming Knight.

This is me, your sweetie-pie – little Miss. Naive.

Someone asked me my name the other day. “Call me Miss. Naive”, I said, smiling sweetly.

The person gave me a confused look. “Sorry, I would need your real name.. not a pseudonym” he said.

I laughed, “You are mistaken, that is my name.”.

Feeling a bit awkward, he said “Err.. sorry. May I have your full name then? First name please”.

It was my turn to look confused. I could not recall my first name. Nor my surname for that matter. Realization dawned that ‘Naive’ is in fact a pseudonym. Something our society insisted on calling me – ever since I was a child. Something YOU insisted on calling me – ever since we met. Something that I had come to believe IS my right identity!

You really like me naive, don’t you?

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