Google failed you, eh?

You asked Google to help you with something and it pointed you to my useless blog, leaving your query hanging unanswered?

Let me help you, as I am the sweetest person ever.

So, the most of you land here looking for answers to one of three problems..

a) Is one slap considered domestic violence? Answer : YES!

b) How to talk intelligent? Answer : By not talking, but nodding and smiling.

c) Is there a woman behind every successful man? Answer : Not necessarily.

And that leaves the rest of you.. with your special queries.. still roaming around ignorant.

Let us address your issues one by one, shall we?

  • why do you like me Answer : Because you know that I don’t.
  • well aren’t you smart Answer : Yeaaah.. that I am.
  • anti-rape laws scary or men Answer : Neither. Don’t be scared.
  • naive girl let me see Answer : see what? Naiiiiive girl!!
  • why would a girl call me naive looking Answer : Awwwwww.. she was so right!
  • can you settle down with a girl at 13 Answer : Hell, No!
  • what does it mean when you share accounts with a girl Answer : It means that you need to grow up.
  • उस touche mash Answer : Pardon me?!
  • eagarly waiting reply back Answer : Naaw.. You should go sleep.
  • hey mister want to play Answer : Na.. I’d rather watch.
  • pleasantly sarcastic or insult with a smile? hmmm, choices… Answer : I KNOWWW.. Right?
  • how to be sarcastic about your son in law Answer : Now, that is tricky.
  • fetish for sarcastic girls Answer : Ah.. that one’s new. Good for you! [not sarcastic [no.. kidding]]
  • what would your poor & naive girlfriend say is she knew about me & you?. Answer : I’d like to know too.
  • my mother smoking beedi Answer : Buy her cigarettes, baby.
  • aunty sat on her scooter Answer : And then?
  • every successful man has a woman’s behind. Answer : Wouldn’t know. I don’t look at successful men’s behinds.

And there are those of you to whom I owe a sincere apology.

You wanted “desi sexy sleeping girl photo”, “real sexy girl in delhi”, “girlsex”, “indian .hostel .girlsex” and so on, and stupid Google showed you over to me! I mean.. ME!

Sorry folks.. really. I shouldn’t have had ‘girl’ on my blog’s name, and shouldn’t have called sunrise colors sexy.

Sorry about that.

Nice meeting you, anyway.

P.S. Yep, those were all search queries that have led to this blog! Really! [rolling eyes with you]


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