Announcing : A break

This is in fact going to be a well-deserved break for you – from my presumptuous opinions and rants! 😀

A break for me – from writing what others might want to, like to and enjoy reading; from writing what I might want to re-read later; from trying to write ‘well’.

For a while next, there would only be password-protected posts on this blog..

Sometimes personal, sometimes rants, probably repetitive, and mostly woven around the same topic.

Till when?

Till I get it all out of my system.

So, see you on the other side. Take care!

P.S. Why write on a blog when I don’t want most people to read? Cos I can, and want to!


13 thoughts on “Announcing : A break

  1. ‘Password protected’…? Okay.. we’ll be missing the conjecture girl for a while then.. be back soon.. ## wondering whethr you did it just because you could or there was any other reason ##

    • Well the reason for making it password protected is that it was too personal to share to the world wide web. And the reason for putting it up as a blog post instead of as a diary entry was that I just could.

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