Of things Liberating

An hour back, I absent-mindedly looked up and into the mirror while washing my hands in the restroom. There they were – streaks of silver glistening against the blackness of my hair.

Yet again, I had parted my hair right where the population density of white hair is highest. A bit too high for a 26-year old.

The involuntary reaction was to think ‘adjust the parting now – hide them brutes!’.

The voluntary action was to smile at my reflection, admire the silver streaks, and walk back to lab.

Being able to shrug off aging – premature or not – is liberating. Makes me smile to myself.

There are more such ‘silly’ things that are liberating to me..

It is liberating to be able to sport un-shaved arms in short-sleeved tops and be completely oblivious to it until you over-hear some girl exclaim “Oh, I have to go for waxing ASAP. I look like a bear!”. And then smile looking at your own ‘bear’-arms.

It is liberating to be able to not go red in the face when you realize that you have been going around with a bra strap peeking out for  hours.

It is liberating to be able to not ‘notice’ that there are males around and to carry a sanitary pad to the restroom openly – no more handbags entering the bathroom, or wearing only clothes with pockets during ‘those days’.

It is liberating to be able to say – aloud – “Could you please look at my eyes while talking to me? They are above my neck – not below!” to a guy who talks to your chest. And then smile at him warmly while looking in his eyes – till he goes red in his face and flees. It is quite amusing too.. oh, who am I kidding? It is pure sadistic pleasure!

It is liberating to travel alone – at dawn, after dusk; in notorious Delhi, to unknown cities; into crowds, into dark deserted ruins. To hell with the rapists on prowl.

Gender-neutral liberating things? Umm… let us see…

It is liberating to..

To be able to impulsively get up mid-work and walk off to meet the rising sun at the Qutub.

To be able to go for a purposeless walk truly alone – without the company of an mp3 player or a phone conversation. With just thoughts for company.

To be able to explore a city in the rain – carrying nothing – no umbrella, no wallet, no phone, no camera, no map. And hum softly to yourself. Free of burdens, free of destinations, free of inhibitions.

To be able to decide now and set off on a trip tonight.

To be able to travel to a tourist place, and not go on a ‘sight-seeing’ spree or photograph everything.

To be able to stay off email for a week – in spite of having ready access to it.

To be able to forget that your mobile phone exists – to lose that 11th  finger.

To be able to live alone – without feeling lonely.

To be able to buy books and travel with your own earnings.

It is liberating to say NO when you want to.

It is liberating to ‘want’, ‘demand’, and ‘get’ – without guilt.

It is liberating to turn away from people who drain you – for good, with neither hard feelings nor guilt.

It is liberating to know your weaknesses and that it is okay to have a few.

It is liberating to ask ‘Yes.. So?’ .

It is liberating to simply feel ‘I don’t care!’

In a world that teaches you to conform, to be self-conscious, to not stand out, the tiniest of things can be liberating. More so to women.

One just discovers a few.. and then it becomes an addiction.

I am addicted. Are you? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Of things Liberating

  1. So true. To stand in a crowded public bus in chennai, without a dupatta and care is liberating. To know a man is staring at my boobs and show him my angst in a stare is liberating. To walk without a damn in the beach and lick an orange bar in a promiscuous fashion is liberating. To get back home after work knowing there is nothing to do is liberating. To buy that brownie and ask for extra ice cream past the gaping eye is liberating! And these things make me live happier, longer and survive shit all around.

  2. So many of them are turly liberating and some certainly sadistic in pleasure 😀 Well it took me some time to be comfortable with my greys… At 26, I had few and I was not at all comfortable 🙂

    • Actually, I rarely look into the mirror when fully awake.. I don’t really notice the greys. But every second person comes & says “Oh My God! You have grey hair!!!” and responding to that tires me out.

  3. I never knew about the wearing pockets on those days thing…..lol…..thanks.

    In guys defense, just because you have nice boobs, doesn’t mean a guy would’t enjoy getting a flash of a females brooding mind instead. We didn’t create, or guide the way attraction and perception work, right? If your boobs were somewhere around your feet, life would be so much easier for us.

    • There is no need for a defense.. cos I never spoke for all guys!
      But that defense needs some refining.. that way of working of attraction is rather too outdated and goes quite back on the timeline of evolution.
      Today, civilization demands and expects that such attraction remain as civilized as possible ; staring – not civilized. Probably – some guys are still nearer to apes on the evolution chart!

  4. 🙂

    Why should age be decided on how one looks and not how one lives ? In fact, why should age be a factor for living life on your terms ? And liberation IS living life on your terms.

    About the gender-specific examples of liberation you mentioned, uhmm… being a male, I find it more than just awkward being with another male (or males) who focus their attention on such examples rather than feel awkward about (or with) a female myself.

    And gender-neutral examples of liberation… well, you know quite a bit of those which make me feel liberated. 🙂

    • Age – exactly! Why the heck don’t ppl feel proud of ‘growing up’? Even pre-mature ‘growing up’! Ok, ok.. I’ll stop kidding – most people here stop ‘growing up’ at around puberty.

      The gender-specific examples – To be frank, I really haven’t come across too many males feeling or making me feel awkward about the small ‘girl things’. Of those who did, I only felt like saying ‘oh, get lost’ and perhaps making them feel more awkward 😉 . But females! Females notice, and how! It is actually more liberating to be able to say ‘oh, get lost’ to those females.

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