Discovery of the Week

I now unveil to you, my discovery of the week..

The men of this country, including our Honorable Prime Minister, are sad about brutal rape incidents in the heart of the capital city of the country because..

Applause please!


They have daughters. They have sisters. They have mothers.

More the number of daughters they have, the more they want  the ‘rape-culture’ to change.


We women are against rape only because it could happen to us or our daughters too, and we are scared – very scared.

Which means..

Wait for it..

Which means..

All men out there who don’t have females in their immediate family, or are orphans, can either rape guilt-free, or at least be least bothered about sexual crimes against women.

[drumbeat, trumpets and confetti]

P.S. : When can I expect my nobel prize for this discovery, please?


11 thoughts on “Discovery of the Week

  1. Errr… I don’t think any of these men who have been accused of rape are without females in their life! It’s got more to do with the mental built of the person than who his immediate family is.. right?

  2. Now… where’s that little opening which allows people to easily trespass my mind at will ???

    * scratches head in bewilderment *

    Exactly the same question that came to my mind when people were seen shouting (at protests and otherwise) that they want ‘justice’ because they also have mothers and sisters at home. So all that they care about is their own mothers and sisters. Is it ? And any other random female can care for herself.

    • Me?? Trespass? No! I’m innocent milord!!!! 😀
      Yeah.. there seems to be a serious case of “this could have been me” syndrome in our society. Anything that does not can not trigger that response isn’t considered worthwhile to even a minute of thought.

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