My Case for E-books

Point 1 : I can read in the dark – in bed, on trains, on buses, on the swing under the big tree.
Point 2 : I can take long night-walks – just to read to the moon walking by my side.
Point 3 : I can doze off reading and open my eyes to the same page – no bookmarks between us.
Point 4 : I can touch words. And they explain themselves to me and become my friends.
Point 5 : I can command books to my bed at the click of a button – instantly.
Point 6 : Mom doesn’t get to see physical evidence of how much I spend on books! B-)

Do I need say more? About how I can carry so many books with me, how it feels good to be a consumer of lesser paper, and how they are easier on the pocket?
Nah.. superfluous!

Thus, I rest my case.
And pick my e-reader up.


15 thoughts on “My Case for E-books

  1. Like PB said, I too love to touch and feel the pages. The smell of new books triumphs over anything. And no bookmarks? I have a fondness for those…be it a scrap paper I found nearby at the time I needed a bookmark or one I actually spent money on – bookmarks are special to me. 🙂

    • Ah, I love bookmarks.. I can’t resist unique quirky ones.. but they always find their way out of books and to being lost under a mattress or under the cot 😦
      Plus, I almost always end up sleeping while reading, and the bookmark and the book stay separated :-/
      Yes, yes.. I see there are quite a few organized, non-nocturnal people around here 😀
      Welcome to this blog 🙂

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