Who Next?

WARNING : If you are prone to getting yourself hurt or offended on behalf of long dead and imaginary people, TURN BACK and LEAVE this page – NOW!


Long long ago in Bharat khanda..

A prince died..

Along with him died a lover, a husband, a brother.

And a Purushottama was crowned..

Chakravarthi Raghupathi Ramachandra.

While Siyaavar Rama lay buried..

Along with his weakness and vanity.



Not so long ago in Hindustan..

A struggler died..

Along with him died a husband, a father, a leader.

And a Mahatma was born..

Father of the Nation.

While frail Mohandas lay buried..

Along with his self-centered and short-sighted streaks..




Today in India..

Many light diyas – to remember Purushottama Ramachandra’s victory,

While some hate his hypocrisy.

Many take their children to school half-naked – to remember Mahatma Gandhi’s birth,

While some frown at his eccentric experiments.

None notice the gruesome murders of Rama & Mohandas..

Serial killings..

Cause of Death : Deification.

Modus Operandi : Forced removal of human flaws.

Who next? Anna Hazare?


10 thoughts on “Who Next?

  1. I always find that interesting…how people idolise someone based on a few things and more so after their death. There was a skit doe a few years ago here by some comedians called The Chaser. If you check out YouTube for their video on ‘eulogy’ you will see something similar…how people who are ‘tools’ during their life are ‘great’ after death. In fact. I might actually have blogged about it “Greatness after death” or something like that…

    • The worse part is, characters like Rama & Gandhi were painted with all round greatness even before they died – their real all-human personality was killed off long before they long before they actually died. We, as a nation, seem to be experts in this sort of stupid deifying behavior – I can’t think of anybody else in some other society who was painted thus.. Can you?

      Just watched The Chaser’s Eulogy song – Brilliant!! 😀 Thanks for point it out.

  2. I believe we all know about the flaws but we ignore them. Don’t we do this in all spheres of life? There is something wrong in the way we are brought up.

    • Exactly. And then we either throw stones at people who do remember the flaws or, once reminded, we demonize the person cos he/she had perfectly human flaws. Thoroughly immaturely brought up, we are.

  3. I totally get the point you are making, and agree with it. Idolising people is fruitless. But serial killers …? I don’t think that is called for.

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