Word Muse #1 – சற்றே

Words – just stand-alone words – are beautiful. Sometimes, one just gets into my head from somewhere, for no reason, and it becomes a muse.

A very short-lived one. And leaves me with nothing more than a fleeting thought in a volatile string of words urgently pulled and put together.

This section is going to be a simple headstone epitaph to those muses. And gravestone inscriptions these truly are – making not much sense to anyone but the writer, and given to vastly different interpretations.

Here goes the first one..

பாரதி சொல்லி சென்றான்.. நிமிர்ந்த நன்னடை 

நிமிர்ந்தே நின்றாள், நிமிர்ந்தே அமர்ந்தாள்

நாற்காலியின் காதில் மட்டும் சொன்னாள்


 சற்றே சாய்ந்து கொடு

Translation : I concede defeat. I can not, for sweet life, translate the last line anywhere close to elegantly. Hence, I refuse to attempt to translate or explain.

[Update : 30th Oct 2012]

Transliteration :

Bharathi solli senraan.. Nimirndha nannadai*

NimirndhE ninraaL, nimirndhE amarndhaaL

Naarkaaliyin kaadhil mattum sonnaaL


SatrE saaindhu kodu.

*Reference to Subramania Bharathi’s famous poem describing Pudhumai peN : Nimirndha nannadai, nerkonda paarvai.. (Modern woman : Majestic straight gait, confident straight gaze..)

Possible lines of interpretation :

1.  General interpretation : The modern woman walks erect, stands erect, sits straight, oozes & flaunts confidence. But every once in a while, she secretly asks her chair to tilt back just a bit for her to relax.

2. The hidden special interpretation : A woman with chronic back pain suffers in silence, while putting up a brave face in fighting the pain and letting it not show to the world. But sometimes, her office chair is her closest friend.


9 thoughts on “Word Muse #1 – சற்றே

  1. Loved the idea of this post. There are a lot of English words which get stuck in my head too, and bring about a flurry of thoughts. I never considered doing a post on them. Sometimes, when these words have stuck in my mind for long, they come out in a post (a poem or a story) that I am writing later.

    I can’t read Tamil, so, sadly, I cannot read the couplet you have mentioned in this post. 😦

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