Little Mysteries in Life #2

Think about long walks on the beach..

All so lovely, all so dreamy, all so romantic?



I mean, if I am on the beach, I would jump, run, splash around in the waves. Chase the waves. Swim, surf, challenge the waves.

I would suddenly startle & run behind a friend or make a friend run behind me – madly – for no reason. And laugh at the craziness of our behavior.

I would play with the sand. Make mounds and name it a castle. Even have a house-warming ceremony for it.

I would collect shells. Throw back starfish and oysters into the ocean, if they have been washed ashore alive.

I would chase crabs. Or just watch them flitting by funnily, if I am feeling saintly.

I would watch people for a while. And catch up on the years of missed out beach sundal, molagai bajji and balloon shooting, if I happen to be in Chennai.

I would sit and watch the waves letting time rushing past uninhibited. Just the waves – thundering, crashing, playful waves, checking on me now & then, teasing, evasive, soft, twirling in silence, taunting me by their total absence – the whole spectrum. Waves dazzling in golden metallic splendor, if the sun happens to touch the horizon.

And talk my heart out if a loved one happens to be sitting beside me.

Now.. WHY on earth would I take long walks on the beach?

I can do that anywhere! To watch the sun or moon playing hide-and-seek among tree branches? That can be enjoyed on a deserted road – better if it winds around a hill. And guess what? I don’t even have to watch where I step to avoid stepping on filth, glass pieces and the like.

Am I supposed to walk  watching the water?

I can’t do that facing the water front – for obvious reasons!

Am I supposed to walk along the coast, turning my head sideways to watch the waves?

Rrrrright! As if I don’t have enough pain in the neck already!!


Just WHAT is this whole concept of long walks on the beach all about?

I just don’t get it!


15 thoughts on “Little Mysteries in Life #2

  1. I’ve got a few partial answers for you. I don’t know if you’ll like them, but they work for me.

    Walking together is a strong metaphor for going trough life together.

    The border between two distinct things, tends to be more interesting than either of those two things by themselves. The border between land and sea, is more interesting than the middle of the sea, and more interesting than the inland.

    Beaches are strongly associated with relaxation and recreation. Today when people go to the beach, they don’t do it to perform useful work, but to let their shoulders down and have fun.

    You don’t need to turn your head, your field-of-view is wide enough that walking along a beach, even looking straight ahead you’ll see both land and sea and surf.

    You also don’t need to turn your head to smell the salty air, to feel the fresh breeze on your skin, or to listen to the crashing waves and the seagulls.

    Not all beaches are warm at all times. If you live in Norway, and it is october, splashing in the waves would require at a minimum a wet-suit.

    Sitting and talking works, but again requires good weather, if it’s somewhat colder and/or windier, which it often is on a beach, you’ll freeze quickly unless you’re extremely well-clothed. Walking keeps you warm, yet also lets you talk.

  2. I don’t know about the romance part of it. But I like water on my feet (only) and walk along the waves. However, I really prefer to stand still facing waterfront than walking in it, may be biting into a molaga bajji. Wonder, why wet feet is romantic!?

    • Why is wet feet romantic? Because there is a constant, intimate, whispered dialogue with the water enveloping our feet and the sand shifting underneath, perhaps?

      And yeah.. another soul mentioning molaga bajji makes me crave for Elliots beach! Home-beach sick 😦 😦

  3. I like walking on the beach….not for the romance part of it as I’ve done it alone and with friends. Alone is the best when the beach is not crowded…somehow, the smells, the sounds of the waves, the feel of the sand against bare feet…it’s just very peaceful. To me it’s one time I can be mindful and just enjoy being in the present. Of course, in summer, during the day and when it’s busy, I like swimming, reading and enjoying the hot sun, and collecting shells occasionally or people-watching.

  4. I love beaches. LOVE. I can live on a beach my entire life, that’s how much I love them.
    I love sitting on beaches and doing all that you have mentioned in your post. At other times, I love to walk on beaches, too. It all depends on my mood. 🙂

    • Living on the beach would be so dramatic and peaceful at once, wouldn’t it? I have always wanted to live on the beach, watching cyclones.
      For example, the Dhanushkodi beach – with its history of a cyclone whose footprints still adorn the space, and the mythology association. Something like that would be like living in a novel!

    • 😀

      Let us see..

      Most exotic..
      Little roads or paths winding around hills, leading to a river, along a river (eg. along the Ganga in Rishikesh) around 4am – before dawn, before the early-bird bathers get to the river.

      More accessible..
      Any road leading to or around a historic monument (eg. to the Qutb here in Delhi, to the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur etc) before nautical dawn! No temples.. preferably “boring” forts & tombs. I guarantee you that – cos no normal character ventures out there at such hours.

      Closer to home..
      Any “restriction free” institute campus (eg. IITs, NITs etc) – walk to & from lab after midnight & before dawn. 😉

      • Never been to Jodhpur (must go soon!) but I’ve always found all the other places you mentioned pretty crowded. 😦 I love forts & tombs. Lodhi Gardens in Delhi is surprisingly quite deserted for a nice romantic walk.

      • Timing is key I guess. I usually venture out much before dawn to such places – to be in time for the golden hours of photography.. And there have been days that I have found the roads eerie or forced the watchman to call up the ticket counter guy to come. 😀
        Winter fog + pre-dawn + places nobody is interested in visiting

        Lodhi gardens is in fact more crowded – cos it is THE walk destination for most delhi-ites.

        Yes, you must visit Jodhpur – That fort, to me, has the most beautiful front elevation.. not to mention random little goats-only up-hill trails that lead to it.

      • And the most amazing Lassi at one Shri mishrilal hotel! [slurp]
        AND the most amazing omelettes that a sweet old man makes! [burp]
        Ok.. I shd stop right there.. Or I won’t stop drooling about the place! 😛

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