Annual Review : 2011-2012

Warning : Boring stuff, with no point. Do not read!


Oct 19th 2011 : Conjecture Girl is born.

Oct 19th 2012 : First annual review.

Statistics :

Total number of posts : 41

  1. Should-not-have-been-written posts : 1  ([25])
  2. Silly posts : 2   ([1][23])
  3. Even-I-don’t-want-to-read-it-again posts : 5    ([2][3][4][10][11])
  4. Toooooooooo-long posts : 3  ([5][19][29])
  5. OK-no-harm posts :  2 ([32][40])
  6. Could-have-been-written-better posts : 9  ([6][18][21][22][26][28][38][39][41])
  7. Pretty-good posts :  10  ([7][12][14][15][16][24][33][34][35][36])
  8. Oh-I-love-those-words posts : 9  ([8][9][13][17][20][27][30][31][37])

On-Target posts  (last two categories) :  19 of 41 = 46% – Pretty good.

Spot-on posts (last category) : 9 of 41 = 22% – Awesome by personal standards! [collar up B-) ]

Over all : Good going!

SWOT Analysis :

Strengths :

  • I can Write – in ways that me and others  want to read! – Yoo hoo!
  • I can write sort of, almost, kinda, may be, in a way ‘poetry’. Who’d have thought? B-)

Weaknesses :

Opportunities :

  • As always : The more weird people & ‘society’ behaves, the more I get to write about.

Threats :

  • Somebody called supervisor – the day he finds out that I have found yet another way to divert time & effort away from where he wants those directed at.  Ok, ok – no blame game.  Guilt – just my own guilt about losing focus.

Lessons :

  1. Writing effectively and elegantly is just like teaching effectively and elegantly.
  2. Writing effectively and elegantly is not that scary or frustrating. I can enjoy this. And I can learn to do better.
  3. Writing research papers is just like writing blogs – same emphasis on structure, conciseness and driving the point home – with precision added to that. Voila! Writing up research is no longer frustrating.  I can enjoy that. And I can learn to do better.

Realizations :

  1. I am at peace when not running a race, competing, playing the numbers game. I write best when I am at peace. I should apply the same to research.
  2. Anonymity + Arrogant behavior of will-not-comment-unless-the-post-makes-me & no promoting blog + Stubbornly refusing to follow ‘blogging tips’ about including pictures, tagging properly, back-scratching-commenting etc = Quality readers, whose feedback I can trust. B-) 🙂 B-) @Anybody who says – “but you do not have decent traffic!!”  “ROTFL, LOL, LMAO – My priorities are very different kid! [smug grin]”

To Do :

  1. Learn to write when “not in the mood” too – once in a while.
  2. Learn to write on a topic on demand – from myself – once in a while.


Fun :

Pyaasa‘s Gulabo was right about her ‘knowing’ the  poet Vijay..

“Jab tumhare khayalaat aur jazbaat ko jaan gayi, To phir jaan-ne ko kya bachaa hai?”

 The blogosphere proves to do the same – makes you think you know someone because you have known their thought process and attitude and there is nothing left to know about them.  Irrespective of how many comments are exchanged, I can say that about : Psych BabblerMy EraThe Girl Next DoorShe Who Must Not be Named, Arch of Myriad Hues and Shobhit of Mindzpeak.

That makes me wonder..

Given that I have no personal posts out here, how much has Conjecture Girl inadvertently revealed about her alter-ego? To people who have no clue about the alter-ego? 😉

Bottom-Line :

CGirl is a quite likeable infant! ;D


19 thoughts on “Annual Review : 2011-2012

  1. Congratulations on completing a year. And the analysis was not boring. 🙂
    I don’t know why but I have this fear that if someone collects all my posts and comments on various blog posts from the last 5 years, he could know pretty much everything about me. We leave imprints in ways we do not understand. It is scary.

    • Thanks 🙂
      It *is* scary, isn’t it? The mere thought that someone I don’t know remembers some inane bit of info about me that even I am not conscious about gives me goosebumps – the freaked out kind.

  2. Congratulations on the first blogiversary! May there be many more to come. 🙂

    Loved this post. Wonderful way to review the year gone by.

    Quality blog readers and commenters is what ultimately matters, not the kind of back-scratching commenting that is so rampant on blogosphere. 🙂 So you are spot on there!

    You do have a way with words, a gift to write beautifully about complex things, as I have said on many of your posts before. Keep them coming! There are no doubts at all on that front.

    About your alter-ego, I have a bit of an idea because the kind of posts you do reflect what ‘you’ are, though you might not write about your personal life directly. Judging by them, I can say you are a fairly mature person, seem to be a student or recently out of studies, and are perplexed by the ways of the world. You seem to be a seeker, a questioner, rather than someone who follows the herd.

    • Thanks TGND 😀
      Let us grade you on the alter-ego bit..
      Fairly mature person – I believe so 😉
      Student – yep
      Perplexed by the ways of the world – perpetually!
      Seeker, questioner & not following herd – yep, both a professional researcher (PhD, u see) and someone who frequently gets called eccentric.
      Full marks [claps] 😀

  3. Congratulations on completing your first year of blogging 🙂

    I liked that smart analysis and I agree with you on the point that we often know people better by knowing what’s on their mind rather than what they actually say or do.

    I know I am an open book, but still it’s fun connecting the dots by reading our comments on various blogs as well as replies of those written on our own blogs 🙂

    Wishing you many more years of successful writing 😀

    • Thanks ME 🙂
      Connecting dots – for me, it has become an obsession – to connect dots that I myself am leaving & to be over cautious about what information I leave lying around. I guess, I should try breaking out of it – just to add to the fun!

  4. CG, I work as an analyst for profession and probably, because of that I totally enjoy reading SWOT’s ( okay, please judge me geeky and not boring).

    I will be honest here. I have not given much thought because your alter-ego is so flaterringly beautiful. I loved your posts from the minute I read them – candid, straight and honest. So yes, if you are all that then your alter ego is my best friend.


  5. Admit it — you know us well enough that you’re entirely aware that saying “don’t read!” is a certain way of making everyone read it.

    It’s been a year already ? Wow ! I bumped across you sorta randomly about 10 months ago, I think you where commenting on IHM, and what you said was sufficiently interesting that I clicked your name to learn what other interesting stuff you might have said. I’ve stuck around since.

    I plan to stick around for another decade, it’s been fun. Plus, you tolerate me spamming your comment-feed.

    • I admit that, and then a bit more.. The main goal is to wait for people to read it and give me the “really?” frown, so that I can pounce on them with “I TOLD you not to read it! This is why you should listen to wise ppl B-)” 😉 😉

      Oh, please do stay around. Who would keep questioning & answering me so persistently, if not for you? 😀

  6. Among many blogs, yours is one of my favorites, your posts make me think and feel uncomfortable sometimes then again its your style of not giving in to what people think that always make me wanna come back and read. Plus despite the anonymity you sound pretty awesome! Good luck for the next year and keep writing the way you do because with that style of writing you don’t need to follow any blogging tips, readers (read : me)with an open mind will always stalk/follow your blog obsessively.

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