Beam me up, Scotty

Jab tak hain jaan..

Mere laash pe!!!!

Ek din main hamesha ke liye chali jaoongi, tab samjhenge meri keemat. Royenge yeh sab!

Marne se pehle, tujhe dulhan bane dekh loon, bas..

Ab is umr mein aur kya hai? Bas,  do waqt ka halka sa khaana khaaya, bhagwan ke naam liya, aur intezaar karo – yamdev ki!

For all the superstitious “Shubh shubh bolo” that we do, we are  weirdly obsessed with our own death, aren’t we?

Bhagwaan, uthaa le = Beam me up, Scotty??

I just don’t get it!


4 thoughts on “Beam me up, Scotty

  1. It’s just a result of not allowing the elderly to have lives of their own. Do they only exist to take care of grand-kids and do bhajans? Of course, for severely ill people, it’s a different issue but most of them are quite healthy, and can be active. But mentally, they resign themselves to being dependent. Weird!

    • Totally weird, isn’t it? Apart from resignation, it is almost as if while one one side people are petrified by death, on the other side, they find death such a romantic notion that they yearn for it. It is more like, “wow, it must be so nice to be dead. .ppl will say such nice things about me, I will be missed”.

  2. How do you manage to speak my mind in each one of your posts?!
    This is EXACTLY what I keep talking about. We are a nation strangely obsessed with our own deaths. For all the shubh-shubh bolo that we say. I have felt that many a times.

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