Between A & B?

Between this & that?

Between hurting & pleasing?

Between happiness & sacrifice?

Between self & others?




For the future..

Between seeing one and none.


For the present..

Between exercising it and not.


For the past..

Between accepting that one existed and self-pity filled denial.

Simple Choice.

Simply Choice.



7 thoughts on “Choice

    • Well, making and executing the choice, or even living its consequences – certainly not simple. But when I am aware of the whole process and its inevitability, I no longer regret making the choice I made, or blame others for consequences. That simplicity of the attitude towards choices makes way for better peace of mind.

  1. I don’t think that you can avoid choosing. Even choosing to do nothing and passively drift trough life, is still a choice. Just like not voting on election day, is still a choice.

    I find, often the important part is to have a choice, not which one you make.

    • To avoid choosing is a choice, when one is aware of it. Many people do not even realize that choices exist – in any situation – and drift through involuntarily. In those cases, it always seems like the universe working against them and leaving them with no choices.

      • Yes. But to avoid choice is a choice even when you’re not aware of it. And this is what many people do. They feel uncertain or scared and so they avoid the entire topic and think that they are thereby not choosing.

        But they are. They are thereby choosing to drift trough along the path of least resistance, leading a life dictated by the expectations of others, rather than their own actual wishes. (because they don’t dare to sit down and actually formulate those)

      • When you put it that way, to a person who just drifted through, it is like saying “The choice was always yours. YOU chose not to choose. The blame is all yours” – which can only lead to shame and low self-image. Instead of acknowledging the ignorance that led to not seeing the choices one had, it focuses on the person’s inadequacy to see them. I’d rather think of it as “Look, you did have choices. Only, you were not aware enough to see them. Happens to all. Just don’t let it happen again” – that is an insight learnt that encourages the person to stop blaming himself/the world and look forward to the future with new confidence.

  2. I agree with that. My intention was to critique those who in essence say: “I’m gonna *not* choose”, that is, people who are fully aware that they can choose, but who think that by doing nothing they’re not choosing. For example people living in a free democracy that says things like: “Politicians are all bad, I’m not going to vote.” — as if that resolves them from any responsibility.

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