This World, of Other People

This World..

My World..

Of Other people.

Who don’t understand

Who don’t think

Who don’t act

Who don’t tolerate

Who don’t change

Who don’t take the first step.

These other people are the ones who suffocate me

Who restrict what I can do & not do

Who restrict who I can be & not be

Who force me to be like them

To fit in.

These other people..

They are the source of my troubles

They are the source of my world’s troubles.

My World, of Other People.



Wait a minute..

That girl next-door?

What is her world?

Her world, of other people.

Doesn’t she feel the same?

Doesn’t she wait for her other people to change?

To take the first step?

Doesn’t she wait for one woman of her other people to stand up and stand out?

And laugh and cry and whistle and jump and run and sleep with abandon?

And her Other people..

That includes me!

Is she waiting for me to take the first step?

Am I guilty of keeping her waiting forever?



Other people..

They ‘talk’,

They frown,

They judge,

They hurt,

They live,

All inside my head.

Outside, they are all simply nurturing their own world..

Of other people – inside their heads.

And yeah..

They wait..

For inspiration

From other people.

Funny world, eh?


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