Even a …

Even a child would know that.

Even a street cleaner is treated respectfully.

Even a beggar has better peace of mind.

Even a murderer has the right to live.

 Even a prostitute does not “ask for it”.


If only..

If only each one of us spent time to stop and think..

To see the hues of prejudice that color our own words..

For even a minute.


7 thoughts on “Even a …

  1. We are Indians and we are racists first agree to this !
    There are prejudices in society
    we live with them
    sometimes we try to raise above them and we are actually forced to get back to NORMALITY
    We are not being human !! We are selfish human beings !

    PS : Sarcasm is a lost art !

  2. We need to stop blaming others for every wrong and running in our lives busy trying to get somewhere. Stop and think and the change shall begin from that moment on.

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