Grow up silent – so she did for most of her life,

Offering just a slight smile as compensation.

For she knew one thing to be true..

Express whatever you may,

Express however you may ,

All of them out there – the audience..

They were sometimes not interested,

They were sometimes baffled – in non-comprehension,

They understood it not as she wanted it understood,

They interpreted it exactly how they wanted to interpret it.

There was no point in expressing.

The world functions just fine without her expression.


Grow up expression-less – so she did for some more of her life.

With no ink flowing

With no paint splattering

With no glue sticking

With no clay getting moulded

With no strokes created

With no fingers typing

With no lips articulating.



Until some random insignificant day..

The day she got bored with the silence of it all.

She let her fingers dance moodily across the keyboard.

She let her eyes guide light into digital sensor chips.

And grew up a bit.

She let her fingers dance confidently across the keyboard.

Till her lips were jealous enough to join in.

She let her jailed thoughts & opinions go out on bail.

And grew up a bit more.



She expressed.

They analysed – with their own (non-)expertise.

They declared – love, expectations.

They complained – ‘boring’, ‘now, what were you thinking?’.

They interpreted – in their own way.

They disfigured – the soul of her expression.

Her expressions acquired split-personalities – scary.

There was no point in expressing.

The world functions just fine without her expression.



She had come a full circle – back to the same point.

Standing at the center of the circle, she saw..

That she had built a wall along its perimeter..

Around herself,

Of Mirror.

It reflected..

From all angles..


The mirror protected..

With its silvered back..

Her from the audience..

Their praise,

Their criticism,

Their expectations,

Their indifference,

Their total absence,

All of their restlessness on the outer side of the wall.

The mirror strengthened..

By its constant multiple reflections ..

Her expression,

Her ideas,

Her personality,

Her self-image,

Her confident smile,

Her exclusive world.



What a beautiful kaleidoscope it was..

Inspiring her..

To keep seeking,

To keep learning,

To keep growing,

To keep expressing,

To keep adding new bits of color to it,

Just to see new bright patterns in it..

Her own secret bundle of colors.


8 thoughts on “Expression

  1. Loved this one too! 🙂

    I was like that girl in the poem too – afraid to express – till one day I grew up. Since then, the world has been beautiful. 🙂

    You write beautifully, lady.

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