Behind my Back

I had thought tonight would be like any other night. That apparently wasn’t to be.

It is just past midnight and I am working (well, trying to) in my lab – a monotonous looking room full of computers.

For the past 30 minutes, I have been in my own world – oblivious to whether or not I have company.

My headphones – with Rafi crooning mischievously through them –  shield me from the outer world.

But not for long.. I hear voices – familiar ones. Three male voices.

They are shouting. There seems to be action behind my back.

I pause the music player – but keep my headphones on – to appear to have not noticed. I decide to wait and eavesdrop before I turn back and take a look.

“Do we have enough money?”

“Some One fifty thousand”

“I’m going then”

“Idiots! Don’t you all come behind me at once”

LOOK. . Your killer – behind you. . Duck

Killer? I am not sure I want to turn back and look at the action behind me.

“You need a weapon. . here, I’m throwing you one”

“Pass me the bomb”


<Collective sigh>

“Well. . three-four shots were good”


“Throw that bomb at that one”

“Once if you get hit that way, recovery is difficult”

“Hey. . You don’t have a gun. . Come back – NOW!

“Stop! There’s a bomb lying there.”

“I’m going via A. . who wants to come?”

“Sssh.. One more .. coming from behind the double door.. Careful”


“Awesome shot yaar.. I killed one”

“All are dead”

They cheer for their victory and walk out –  for tea.

That made me nostalgic – brought back memories of school days.

Those days where shooting was as easy as writing with a pencil, and I did not bat an eyelid at all the gore less than a foot in front of me.

Multi-player action games – ah, what fun, what thrill!

Should ask these lab-mates of mine if they play my favorite game – Age of Empires.

P.S. Ah, what fun it is to blog live about unsuspecting people, sitting right in front of them – all the while looking as if I am neck-deep in work B-)


20 thoughts on “Behind my Back

  1. I miss those days too. I was a big fan of Mortal Kombat, the one which came out for PS2. I used to play it for hours.
    Reminds me that I have to buy a PS3 soon.

  2. I don’t know if many play Age of Empires these days, but if you’ve got Civ-V I’ll play you anytime 😀

    Old-school gaming can be fun. If you want to try out the first online multiplayer game I ever played, you’ll need a few hours free, and either a telnet-client that can connect to port 2222, or else you can play it in your browser these days by visiting:

    A purely text-based multiuser online multiuser game. It can be right confusing at first, so in an ideal world you’d play it with a friend who has some idea how the thing works, but figuring it out by yourself works too.

    • If only I could indulge in hours of gaming without the guilt factor kicking in. . I guess some good things can wait till the thesis gets done 🙂

      Text-based online multiplayer game? wow. . I never knew those existed.. I remember playing only a couple local single-user ones.

      • waste,u don’t know this even?play the modern ones, warhammer 40,000 ,command & conquer series.They’re really good

      • @rest :
        Kiddo, I grew up at a faster rate then you did (do?). . I outgrew intensive gaming around AoE2’s reign.

        And ya. . u are supposed to “rest” – not comment on arbitrary posts.

      • They exist, and used to be quite common among university-students when internet-links where modems and speeds did not allow for pictures. An added benefit is that writing text is something many can do, many more than are capable of 3D-modeling, thus many of these games where user-influenced, some (like AA) are even user-owned and have a in-game democracy that actually rules the game-world. (once you reach a certain level you can select to become a “Wizard” which gives you access to edit the game itself, or you can continue playing as a mortal)

        These days there’s seldom more than 40 people logged in to AA, I feel a bit sad about it, it’s as if a world is dying. (at the peak, there where hundreds) AA has elections and an elected senate, tribes and factions, friends and lovers, marriages and divorces, towns and villages.

        There’s stories in there, literature. Stories to explore and interact with. At its best, it can be awesome. I’ve got a few friends who I originally met in the game, including Sini a Finnish girl with a Ph.D in computer-science (passed her defence last monday – woohoo !) who was my girlfriend for a couple of years a decade back.

        I don’t play it these days, but sometimes I log in for an hour to have a chat with old friends, and see what’s up with the world. Last time I did so, I discovered there was a whole new *continent* in the world.

      • Oh, and one more thing: There’s some people who think text-based multiplayer is “obsolete” since graphical ones exist now. Those are the same kinds of people who insist that books are obsolete because movies exist now.

      • Lol. I remember searching for text-based games as a school kid.. Somehow, they had a special lure. But never really found more than a handful, that too amateur ones – Guess I did not know where or how to look.

  3. It’s not my fault. My level in computer games stopped with Mario and shooting birds with Joystick

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