Beedi and Vodka

Beedi has been a constant companion  for as long as I can remember. Beedi with a special filling.
Vodka is a newly picked up habit.

As if I am not weird enough by myself, they make me weirder when they visit.

Beedi makes me eat pepper chicken and drink ugly soda at midnight.
Vodka makes me eat cheesy buttery pasta at 3am.

Together, they make me 20x noisier.. Much to the annoyance of poor Australian jeep-mates.
Only these two devils can conjure up a discussion on diabetes and vasonervum out of the blue and make my head burst with the senseless ‘logic’ and circular reasoning.. Not to mention the giggling that fills my head.

In their company, I lay on a chaarpoy in a desert.. Practically in the middle of nowhere.
They make me forget my pain, and we count stars.
We have never seen so many stars in our lives.. It feels so unreal.
Beedi thinks stars are moving funny.
Vodka agrees that stars are moving zig-zag… Fast!
Beedi says we are hallucinating.
I too see stars dancing funny.
No amount of scientific argument can explain the vision.
Why do I have weird experiences when I am with them?

Why do I prioritise cheap lassi over personal safety under their influence?
Why do I willingly get lost in a maze of streets under their command?
Am I mad? Are they catalysts in the process of making me fully insane?

With both of them by my side, I fly.
I hang mid-air. I call out to be rescued. They laugh wickedly.
Devils.. Why did I not believe it when people said smoking is injurious to health? Why did I not pay attention when people said alcohol is dangerously addictive and drugs are killers?

Sheesh.. Now, Miss.Vodka refuses to leave my room despite repeated requests, orders and threats.
Mr. Beedi only grins smugly when I tell him to shut up and get lost.. that knowing look that says “Come on.. I know you would be miserable without me”.

Sigh.. I am stuck with these twin devils for ever.. So addicted, that just one of them at a time is not enough.. I crave for the high that their insane combination gives me.

P.S :
1. This is an attempt at abstract writing. It is general as well as personal, but in vastly different ways. Kindly ignore if you do not get the general point, though it is about smoking, drugs and alcohol. The personal point is not meant to be gotten by all.. It is simply cud chewing wrt good memories.
2. @Mr. Beedi  and Miss. Vodka : thou shall NOT call me names here using your real names! Please do not give me away 😉


8 thoughts on “Beedi and Vodka

  1. @tqxic & Bikram :

    Well. . I simply meant it to describe the abnormal lifestyle, hallucinations and general weirdness that addiction creates – for the general reader. It looks like I went too abstract to make much sense 🙂

    On the personal front, it happens to reminisce an awesome trip with two dear friends and all the crazy stuff we did then… No.. the trip did not involve drug/alcohol abuse or hallucinated wanderings 😀

    I thought writing it to make double sense would be interesting. . but seem to have lost out on one of the meanings.

    Should learn to think from outside-my-own-brain better! 😉

  2. It is possible to use vodka to make lassi, but not recommended. If you insist on lassi of the type that’ll make you noisier than you ordinarily are, then go with cointreau. As one might expect, this goes well with orange lassi, this is unsurprising, but somewhat boring. Instead, try it with mango. Drinking cointreau-spiked mango lassi with a good friend on a warm summer evening, while talking about everything and nothing, is a good way to spend a pleasant hour or two.

    In contrast, I never saw the point of tobacco.

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