Invisible Label

There seems to be a label on me & every female born.


It probably says :

Serving Tips :

  1. Look for a fair, slim pack for better taste.
  2. Best served virgin with seasoning of “modest” clothing and some gold.
  3. Store hidden from concepts of feminism, common-sense, freedom, independence and high self-worth.
  4. Do not educate or let think too much.
Shake well before use to ensure all bubbles of rebellion escape.

Shelf life : Best consumed before 28 years of age.

Warning : Do not buy if package is bloated with individualistic opinions & self-confidence.

Disposal instructions : Punch repeatedly with “your life is spoilt now” needle till all self-esteem ebbs away, wrap in sheets of “dishonor to family” and hang high as example of rotten product specimen for a while before discarding in trash bin.

Only.. I can not see it.. & refuse to see it.


8 thoughts on “Invisible Label

    • Haha. . Very valid point there. Umm.. shall we say they buy by paying not in kind, but in “kindness” – of picking the product and taking her to their ‘respectable’ home? And the product itself includes the payment for acceptance. 🙂

  1. The valiant defenders of Indian culture and Indian honor are phobic towards any woman who demonstrates the ability to think for herself.

    The patriarchs will crow their putrid morality from rooftops till the sun rises in the dawn, but they will not acknowledge the existence of their own complexes, nor their own fear of change and of the inevitable loss of their undeserved privilege.

    The Indian woman is bogged down by the patriarchal slush surrounding her, the slush that pushes and prods and forces her to confirm to what an intensely unfair society expects her to be, to fit the “packaging”, as you so aptly put it.

    They murmur and mutter, rave and rant, taunt and reproach, manipulate and push, until all traces of individuality are vanished, until the woman becomes just another face wrapped up in the traditions we are urged to be so very proud of, until she is left unable to demand anything at all and begins to consider any small scrap of humanity to be a personal favor to her.

    This little label has come close enough to enslaving one half of our entire population.

    It is time, to discard this label.

    It is time for more women to open their eyes and refuse to see the label that is in fact merely a figment of the patriarch’s vile imagination.

    It is time for women to realize that the “needle” hurts them only if they let it.

    It is time for women to know that they have the right to know.

    It is time for the patriarch to be kicked out by those who have reaped the benefits of education, financial independence and an enlightened worldview.

    It is time that the patriarch faded away into a mere historical legacy, just as the feudalistic socio-cultural norms that bred him are now just a historical legacy.

    It is time for women to have access to happiness.

    Time. Yes, I see the change coming. Slowly, but surely, inexorably, inevitably.

    Excellent post.

    Praveen Talwar

    • “It is time for women to realize that the “needle” hurts them only if they let it.” – Absolutely. The most critical step forward for women. . The ability to stare into frustrated patriarchy’s eyes with a cool smirk, however much pain patriarchy tries to inflict on them.

      Amazing comment. . That’s a post in itself 😀
      Thanks a lot for taking time to comment. 🙂

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