Why does the young Indian woman ‘adjust’?

Why does the young, well-educated, financially independent Indian woman think that this is a “Man’s world” and that she has no option but to “adjust”?

Why does the “feminist” Indian woman’s greatest fear in life involve the scenario of no one being ready to marry her and her remaining a “chronic” spinster for life?

Why does the “thinking” Indian woman think that any “good news” in a twenty-something girl’s life involves her finding a boyfriend or getting married?

Why does the teen-rebel Indian woman believe that once she hits the mid-twenties, her rebel days are over and she now has to fit in and morph into the “traditional good girl” that ‘society’ wants her to be?

Why does the assertive Indian woman who chose what to wear, what to study, where to work, and whom to be friends with all her life suddenly resign to “fate” and let herself be pushed into marriage and “family life” the moment she reaches “marriageable age”? Whether or not she wants to get married!

Why does the picky Indian woman who takes hours to choose what to wear and what clothes to buy let her parents choose the guy she marries based on just a handful of ‘practical’ parameters – none of which are related to attitude or interests or compatibility at a mental level? Without even putting in enough effort from her part towards the choice/decision?

Why is the young Indian woman so resigned to fate?! Why does she constantly tell herself that marriage – one that is full of compromises from only her side – is inevitable?

No conjectures..

I just don’t get it!


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