Why do people eat 3 (or more) meals a day?

Seriously. Why?

Okay, one eats for energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. But why get those by systematically and painfully eating 3 or more meals a day?

Tigers don’t eat thrice a day. The intelligent beings hunt, eat their fill, and enjoy life for days together and hunt again only when hungry. Why don’t humans follow this extremely successful model?

If the idea is to keep energy level constant through the day, why not just eat one nutritious meal a day and keep drinking glucose through the day? If Anna Hazare can go days without food and the yogis that India is famous for can live on air(!), can’t we live on a single meal a day? Of course we can!

Then, why the hell don’t we?

Observations :

  1. People don’t like  work. They don’t like to be productive through the day. They need breaks.
  2. If people have nothing worthwhile to do, they get bored of entertaining themselves constantly. They need breaks.
  3. People like thinking about food and what they would eat next.

Conjecture :

Before the era of internet, broadband, facebook, farmville, google chat and blogs, they had no way of taking breaks easily and often, especially without others that they are taking breaks. Also, they wanted everyone to think that they take breaks only for absolute necessities. More importantly, they wanted to live in denial – fooling themselves that they never take breaks unnecessarily.

Since they loved eating food and thinking about food, they came up with this brilliant idea of using food as excuse for breaks!

Alas, the day has come when can get all the breaks readily on computers, phones and tablets.

Let us embrace glucose and do away with eating all the time. Remember – our bodies are not going to complaint, only our parents are. And one anyway knows how to deal with parental nagging.

Eat fewer times, save energy, save time.


3 thoughts on “Why do people eat 3 (or more) meals a day?

  1. I couldn’t come up with a single answer, thus you get the pleasure of pickign whatever answer you like most. Take your pick.


    Agreed ! People waste such a lot of time on preparing, eating and doing dishes, it’s amazing. Infact I have another idea for saving time: People also spend an awful lot of time, money and energy on dating, romance and sexuality. It’s so inefficient ! You only need to have sex for producing offspring, and most people want only 0-3 of those, yet they spend time on sex every week, sometimes even every day !

    Not only is it a waste of time, but it also contributes to the spreading of infectious disease. Can you imagine a more effective way of getting infected with the flu than by going and rubbing your mouth on the mout of another human being ?

    I propose that instead of this waste, we set up efficient operations in hospital-like sanitary conditions where people can go if they desire to be impregnated. The entire business can be done in a few minutes, and you save hundreds of hours a year for more useful activities.


    Tigers don’t but they’re carnivores. Meat is very nutrient-dense. Herbivores eat all the time, elephants for example, spend 14 hours a day eating. Human beings are mixed-eaters, eating both plant and meats, thus we fall somewhere in between, eating more often than once-a-week, but less seldom than 14-hours-a-day.


    For the same reason we do most things: pleasure. People *like* eating. If the meal is good and the companions charming, they even rate it among the top pleasures life has to offer. If they could eat more without getting intolerably fat, they likely would.


    Nobody lives on air alone, even though there’s plenty of charlatans ready to *claim* they do, aslong as nobody checks their claims very thoroughly.

    • I’m greedy.. I choose all four! 😀

      Responses :

      #1 :

      Nooooo. I don’t want to save time for useful activities.. I just want time for activities I like. 😉 Plus, no one forces me to have sex at regular intervals, at fixed times.. No one pulls me out of a frenzied gaming/reading/debugging session to serve me sex [Note : years of torture by mom]. Let’s just let the sex part be. 😉


      Makes me wonder if you are are a biologist or zoologist or have great interest in the subject. You keep shutting me up with technical ammo!


      Give me good food and company to enjoy it with anytime. . Err.. not anytime – just times when I don’t want to do something else.


      Na. . I refuse not to believe Indian mythology which tells me rishis live for 8000 years and more, they go without food and water for 150 years when they meditate standing on one leg.. I also believe that powerful rishis can impregnate women, have them deliver the baby and also make them virgin again – all in a few hours. That stuff is fun!

      • Yeah, that was sorta my point; people *like* spending time on food, and that’s a good reason not to make it more efficient. Because efficiency is for things we don’t like, so we’ll be done with them sooner, and have more time for fun. I’m all for efficient dishwashers and vacuum-cleaners, but if someone offered me an efficient date, I’d be confused.

        I’m not a biologist, though I’ve taken quite a few biology-courses. But I am a nature-freak, in the sense that I passionately care about taking care of this planet we’re handed. I’m not an eco-hippie though. The distinction matters, but it’s a bigger topic we’ll have to cover some other time. There was always three careers that appealed to me, and two of them I could’ve been good at. (photography appeals, but I’m to introverted to have been a likely success at it) Biology would’ve worked, but isn’t where I eventually landed.

        I ended up studying cryptography. I’m one of them nerds who don’t flinch at phrases like “elliptic curve cryptography in the complex plane” or “third degree heterogenous differential equations”. (these are great conversation-stoppers, which is more useful than you’d think once in a while)

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